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Remembering to Remember.

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Why Quotebook?



You know how life is made up of tiny moments? And, how most of those tiny moments we forget? Well, we built a family ritual using Quotebook so that we could remember more, and when we remember more of the good stuff, we build a stronger connection.


There are apps and photos and videos galore, but most of those tools miss the spontaneous gut-busting, off the cuff remark that has you laughing, crying and making inside jokes about for years to come.


We wanted to tap into that power in non-digital form with a beautifully designed symbol of timeless connection - because we’re all connected. We can’t wait to show our grandkids all the hilarious stuff their parents said when they were younger!


Things that Made Us Say: #ThatsGoingInTheQuotebook

"Hey, thanks. Keep the change - buy yourself something nice."

(How a 4-year-old shows appreciation after you wipe him).

Things That Made Us Say: #ThatsGoingInTheQuotebook

"Wait, is that gonna, like, effervesce my crack?!"

(Before enjoying a bath bomb for the first time)

Things That Made Us Say: #ThatsGoingInTheQuotebook

"Mating is like married for animals. The male gets on top of the female until she lays eggs."

(How an 8-Year-Old Explains "The Birds and The Bees" to a Younger Brother)

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